Manurewa West Primary School - Wisdom Through Understanding

Welcome from the Principal

A warm welcome to you all as we embrace an exciting 2018 school year. There is no doubt Manurewa West Primary School is seen as a very popular "school of choice” for so many families wishing to enrol their child/ren at a school.

The school roll has certainly ‘exploded' from the 300's of three years back, to now be in the 500's for 2018.

Whatever the reasons for this roll surge are, we appreciate the privilege of supporting the learning of each and every one of our students.


We proudly believe we have the "Best Teachers”; success is a strong focus that we embrace with our teaching and learning applications; we combine our firm, high school standards with our safe and happy school grounds; we have a Zero tolerance to bullying; cultural diversity is widely celebrated; plus, we have a top ERO Report (current) which recognises Manurewa West Primary as a very high performing school. These are some of the ingredients that support the recipe of success at our great school.

Our school connection with our parents is an important developmental focus that we wish to grow stronger. Supporting the learning of our children with the school, the parents, and the child working together, will be the essence of a better future for them.

Time invested in our children's education today, paves the way for a better tomorrow for each, and all of them. Enjoy a great year with us, and welcome to being a learning-wise contributor to Manurewa West Primary School.