Manurewa West Primary School - Wisdom Through Understanding

Multi-Media Applications:

Arise from our students working with audio, visual media to create sophisticated end-products such as POD casts, Video Casts and blog media.  

School Computers and IT Provisions:

All classrooms enjoy classroom based access to pods of computers, as well as having mobile devices eg. laptop/ipads. Ultra-broadband cabling is in place to assist connectivity. All classrooms have an InterActive Whiteboard, while access to other PC's in resource learning rooms is available.


A Multi-Purpose Hall:

Provides the ideal space for large group activities. We hold our school and syndicate assemblies in this hall. It is the ideal venue for indoor sport when the weather is inclement.


 As important is the opportunity to run our KiwiCan Values Programme from the Hall Classroom especially designated.

Three Reading Laboratories:

Target underachieving readers in structured programmes designed to raise their reading ages. Rainbow Reading caters for children in years 5 to 6. Bannatyne Reading caters for year 4 children. SELF (Supporting Early Literacy Foundations) was specifically developed by Manurewa West Primary School to target children in the years 1 to 3. All programmes show excellent results in raising the reading levels of its children.

Excellent Sports Equipment:

Our school participates in many sports and physical activity initiatives. Consequently we are highly resourced in this curriculum area and enjoy the benefits that regular competition provides, including participation in Inter-School Sporting tournaments.

Art Suite:

An excellent space is used as a venue for the arts. In this space children can produce visual art, dance, drama and music. The venue has a mini amphitheatre space for class-size outdoor performances.

Sunshade Shelters:

All our classrooms have sunshade shelters and covered walkways attached. We give particular attention to the care and protection from the weather elements to all of our students and staff.


School Fale:

This valuable outdoor resource supports cultural awareness and celebration. The focus for our Fale is to bring all cultures together and to celebrate the richness that each has to offer to each and everyone of us.  Classroom discussions; learning groups; meetings; song and dance; and presentations are some of the many uses made of our Fale, as well as building our appreciation of Pasifika cultures and traditions.

School Library/ Literacy Centre:

A modern Library, with a colourful organised environment supports our Literacy; and Reading/Research Programme. Students enjoy the opportunity to meet/discuss/share/present and enjoy their presentations and activity based tasks in the Literacy Centre. This is also an excellent environment to hold our Parent Workshops and Coffee Mornings.



Discovery Garden:

A purpose built and designed garden area based on a native NZ and Pasifika theme, enable students and teachers to discover new learnings and information using the outdoor features within this garden. An integrated learning approach, supported by a Activity based curriculum, underpins the many exciting 'fun learning' experiences which students enjoy when working in this outdoor setting.


School Grounds:

The school has beautiful gardens which are a feature of this very proud and beautiful school. The school has won a number of community environment and 'Best Garden' Awards and is widely acknowledged for its outdoor settings. Murals, well maintained grounds, electronic signage and feature landscaping, adds an important richness to a 'high standard school'.


Sports Field:

A generous sports field, complete with 2 adventure playgrounds provides ample space for children to play.



A health focussed canteen run by an outside agency provides children with cost effective, healthy lunches.


YMCA Early Childhood Education Centre:

We are among the select few schools to have an Early childhood Education Centre on-site. Whilst it is independently run, the centre blends in very well with our school buildings, and supports a very warm and attractive visual to our school frontage. The benefits of an ECE are of significance to the learning readiness of our Junior (Primary) classes. With an ECE on-site, together with our proud and successful school, and supported by having a Before School/After School facility, it is very much so that Manurewa West Primary School quality 'one stop shop' for education development.

Before and After School Care Programme:

Provision through an independent operator to provide a high standard and cost affordable care programme, gives parents flexible options to be well cared for to support their work, or other commitments.