Manurewa West Primary School - Wisdom Through Understanding


 Why does the school emphasise the importance of a full attendance? 
The education each student receives is very much influenced by their time at school. Time away from school may generally be regarded as ‘lost time to learning’ and while some absences are unavoidable, adopting an attitude towards learning which embraces a full, regular attendance, will support higher level results.
 Does the school condone ‘school bullying’?
 Absolutely not! The Board of Trustees have a policy development of a ‘Zero Tolerance to Bullying!’. Whilst that is not to say bullying does not occur, it is rather to say knowledge of any bullying being inflicted on some students by others, can expect to be monitored/disciplined very firmly. This will often involve parents.

How does the school encourage Parent involvement in their child’s education and the life of the school?

 Apart from Board of Trustee opportunities, parents are warmly welcomed into the school to support and contribute to the many events advised through school newsletters/website and school notices. Demonstrating an interest in your child/ren’slearning activities is vitally important, especially when consistently applied. Each school term, the school offers Parent Workshops on Curriculum Development and/or supporting other important elements of your child/ren’seducation. These may be notified in the evenings, or on the Coffee mornings on Fridays. Reporting to Parents on Student Achievement has many varied forms and Manurewa West Primary School has an active calendar of doing so each term.

Having come from another area, or if I was to move to another school, how would I know that the learning levels they have achieved, would be similar in their new class?


We follow the NZ Curriculum as all schools in NZ do. While it is important to identify and teach to the child/ren’s learning needs, we also have our school learning targets in the key curriculum areas of Literacy, Writing and Numeracy which we strive to meet. Related to these are the National Standards for Learning Achievement applied in all Schools in NZ. Needless to say, your child/ren will not be disadvantaged by their Manurewa West experience – indeed, they are very likely to prosper and progress!


I believe it is important to have a safe and happy school environment in order to support a happy student. How does Manurewa West provide this?

As earlier mentioned, there is a zero tolerance to bullying. Having an interactive learning approach to curriculum development, ensures a wider coverage and support for student learning needs, so that they get very good classes to experience success and enjoyment in what they do. A strong code of School Values underpins what we believe in; practice; and support in our social relationships with others, and in our expectations of how we wish to develop as citizens.  School staff continue to be highly respected by students and parents, not only for being professional role models, but also interactive and supportive of all children, so that everyone has a chance of learning success. Cultural diversity and harmony is widely promoted within the school and the goal of developing a learning attitude and an attitude towards learning is being successfully implemented.


If I have a concern, will I be listened to?



Definitely yes! Concerns and complaints are often opportunities to learn, or do things differently so that a preferred solution can be arrived at. Sometimes change occurs, or may need to be considered. Sometimes, it is not possible. The main thing is to feel you can be listened to and have your concern considered and expect a response. Raise such matters with your child/ren’steacher, or Senior Teacher or the Principal if or when such occasions may arise.