Manurewa West Primary School - Wisdom Through Understanding

YMCA Manurewa West Early Childhood Education Centre

We are among the select few schools to have an Early childhood Education Centre on-site. Whilst it is independently run, the centre blends in very well with our school buildings, and supports a very warm and attractive visual to our school frontage. The benefits of an ECE are of significance to the learning readiness of our Junior (Primary) classes. With an ECE on-site, together with our proud and successful school, and supported by having a Before School/After School facility, it is very much so that Manurewa West Primary School quality 'one stop shop' for education development.


Transition to School: To build a relationship with Manurewa West Primary School and have continuity of education and care we are in the process of organising class visits, library visits and joining the new entrant children for lunch.

We would also like to encourage parents to enrol their children at Manurewa West Primary School at least three months prior to your child turning five. This ensures your child/ren get transition visits to the school, begin to develop relationships with peers and teachers and the school and the teachers are ready for your children also.