Announcements : 

Nau Mai, Haere mai, Welcome to MWPS                                        Classes open at 8:30am                                                School starts at 8:50am


It is our goal to provide a well-balanced education for all children, where they feel happy and secure in a warm, caring environment. 

MWPS New Entrant Enrolments:

We aim to give our new entrants the best start possible in their school life.

To help prepare your child for school, we encourage visits to the classroom. These visits can be arranged at the time of enrolment in the School Office. Children can start to participate in this one month before their fifth birthday. We provide this opportunity so your child can meet their teacher and the children who will be in their class when they start school. It also helps children to get to know some of our class routines and provides a little insight into the class programme. If you have any questions, please feel free to approach our Principal, Mrs Kogie Naidoo or Deputy Principal, Mrs Shea Bowden and we will be only too happy to assist you. We look forward to a long association with you in the future.

MWPS 2022 New Entrant Cohort Enrolment Dates: 

Term One

  • Tuesday 1st February (For children turning 5 before February 1st)
  • Monday 7th March (For children turning 5 after February 1st and including March 7th)

Term Two

  • Monday 2nd May (For children turning 5 after March 7th and including May 2nd)
  • Tuesday 7th June (For children turning 5 after May 2nd and including June 6th)

Term Three

  • Monday 25th July (For children turning 5 after June 6th and including July 25th)
  • Monday 29th August (For children turning 5 after July 25th and including August 29th)

Term Four

  • Monday 17th October (For children turning 5 after August 29th and including October 16th)
  • Monday 14th November (For children turning 5 after October 16th and including November 14th)

Learners who turn 5 years old after November 14th will start at the beginning of Term One 2023.

Some Helpful Tips:

  • We encourage the use of a bottle of water for your child to drink during class time
  • Removing the plastic safety seal from under the lid of sippy bottles will ensure your child is able to have their drink
  • If your child wears a belt to school, making sure they know how to unbuckle it may save toileting accidents
  • Making sure your child knows what food to eat at playtime and what to leave for lunch will stop them from eating everything at once and getting hungry
  • When teaching your child to write their name use only little (lower case) letters 
  • Naming your child’s clothing will lessen the chance of loss, especially your child’s sunhat
  • Does your child know how to tie their shoes? can they put on or take off a jersey by themselves? These are great things to practice together at home.

Enrolling older students

  • This can happen at any time if you or your whānau have moved into our school zone area recently
  • If you would like to enrol older students, please also contact the school office for an enrolment pack.
  • Please do not hesitate to ring the school office if you have any queries (09) 266-8631

MWPS Enrolment Zone: We currently have places available at all year levels.

The following streets are in our School Zone:

  • Wordsworth Road: 3a – 41 (odd numbers only up to end of Beeston Cres)
  • Russell Road: All odd numbers Weymouth to Browns Road
  • Russell Road: Even numbers 2 – 148 (Weymouth Rd up to the corner of Swallow Dr)
  • Halsey Road: Even addresses only 18 – 56
  • Maich Road: Even numbers only 40 – 80 (Halsey Rd to Beatty Avenue)
  • Jellicoe Road: Even numbers only 2 – 40 Odd numbers only 1 – 45
  • Weymouth Road: Odd numbers only 21 – 127 (Selwyn St to Wordsworth Rd)

All numbers in the following streets:

  • Beeston Crescent
  • Berkeley Road 
  • Balfour Road
  • Cambridge Road
  • Clendon Place
  • Deveron Road
  • Divine Lane, lane off Russell Road
  • Dreadon Road
  • Frances Street
  • Gloucester Road
  • James Road
  • Jutland Road
  • Kanga Lane, lane off James Road
  • Kay Road
  • Kent Road
  • Kerrydale Road
  • Lomas Place
  • Lupton Road
  • Marumaru Lane, lane off Russell Road
  • McKean Avenue
  • Mittal Lane, lane off Russell Road
  • Montilla Place
  • Oxford Road
  • Rondorlyn Place
  • Rosemary Lane
  • Ruth Street
  • Selwyn Road
  • Surrey Street

MWPS Enrolment Forms

To enrol your child at Manurewa West Primary School you need to bring the following documents to the school office 

  • Completed MWPS Enrolment Form
  • Birth Certificate
  • Residence Visa -for children not born in New Zealand
  • Student Visa and Parent’s Work Visa -for overseas students
  • Proof of Address -a power account, tenancy agreement, government department document or car registration account
  • Immunisation certificate or plunket book for 5 year olds