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Nau Mai, Haere mai, Welcome to MWPS                                        Classes open at 8:30am                                                School starts at 8:50am

Health and Physical Education

He oranga ngākau, he pikinga waiora. 
Positive feelings in your heart will enhance your sense of self-worth

In health and physical education, our focus is on the well-being of our students themselves, of other people, and of society through learning in health-related and movement contexts. Manurewa West Primary School is a Health Promoting School. 

MWPS students will:

  • Benefit from healthy lunches provided free to all learners
  • Utilise a range of sporting equipment and facilities in a well-resourced environment
  • Gain from outdoor play on three purpose-built modern playgrounds each focused on extending the physical skills of learners at each level of our kura
  • Experience specialised Physical Education instruction every week. Learners who represent the school in inter-school competition across a range of codes will also work with our MWPS PE & Sports Coach to further develop their skills and strategies. Students who demonstrate outstanding skills in sport are invited to join the MWPS Sports Academy for extension coaching.
  • Be advantaged by free, nurse-led health care provided by Mana Kidz
  • Be supported by our Deputy Principal and Learning Support Co-ordinator to ensure whānau have access and information about additional support options.
  • Benefit from community feedback and input into our Health programme through our biannual Health Consultation Survey 

Why study Health and Physical Education?
Through learning and by accepting challenges in health-related and movement activities, students reflect on the nature of well-being and how to promote it. As they develop resilience and a sense of personal and social responsibility, they are increasingly able to take responsibility for themselves and contribute to the well-being of those around them, of their communities, of their environments and of the wider society.

Our Health Education programme is based on the New Zealand Curriculum and is in keeping with the school’s charter and values. The key driver of the programme is the Te Whare Tapa Whā health model which draws on four key dimensions to build knowledge, skills, attitudes and values to maintain and enhance well-being and hauora.  Each one of the four pillars influences and supports the others.

Taha Tinana: Physical Health
The capacity for physical growth and development

Great physical health is required for optimal development. Our physical condition is important and supports our growth as well as our ability to interact with the world around us.

Taha Wairua: Spiritual Health
The capacity for faith and wider communication. 

Our spiritual being is an important part of us, of who and what we are, where we have come from and where we are going

Taha Whānau: Family Health
The capacity to belong, to care and to share

Whānau provides us with the strength to be who we are. Our family stories, our ancestors, our links with the past, the present and the future.

Taha Hinengaro: Mental Health
The capacity to communicate, to think and feel.

Thoughts, feelings and emotions are all connected to how we see ourselves and how we act. These also inform our interactions with others and our perceptions.

Source: MOH Health Model
NZC Health & PE