Announcements : 

Nau Mai, Haere mai, Welcome to MWPS                                        Classes open at 8:30am                                                School starts at 8:50am

Student Expectations

Student Code of Conduct

It is an important consideration at all times in the core and responsibility of Manurewa West Primary School, students and their well-being should be made to feel safe, enjoy and develop good social relationships and be able to enjoy their learning applications.

Manurewa West Primary School has a ZERO tolerance to bullying (in its many forms) and will take affirmative action where this behaviour exists and persists. Off task behaviour to learning and the disruption of others to their learning, is also monitored carefully.

Where examples of concerning school behaviour exists, parent/caregivers can expect notification with a view of parents–school–student, working on addressing a corrective action.

As a school, we welcome notification of concerns by parents when behaviour issues have arisen. Following investigation, it is the intention of Staff/Principal to give feedback on outcomes of our investigation.

Ultimately, all families have a responsibility to prepare their children in the best possible way to support their learning endeavours, and it is not acceptable that the behaviours of a few, if and when this might occur, are able to adversely affect their learning or the learning of others.

Whilst the above indicators present an affirmative stance on actions to be taken, Manurewa West Primary School has a strong and enviable reputation for its firm expectations and high standards of conduct.

Furthermore, a major contributor to our school being a school of choice for a growing and successful school is the strong input into making Manurewa West Primary School a safe and happy school.